#38: The Bangkok Climate Talks

October 20, 2009
by phil
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An analysis of the UN climate talks in Bangkok with Saleemul Huq – a veteran who has been to “practically all of them”. While Norway has announced a 40% cut in their emissions by 2020, the other rich countries seem to want to run as fast as possible from their legal and moral obligations. But their premature call to kill the Kyoto Protocol has been fiercely resisted by poor countries. Can rich countries put deep cuts and adequate financing and technology on the table in time to save the deal and prevent globally catastrophic climate change? Includes an assessment of rich country targets by the Association of Small Island States and a damning speech by the Youth Delegation.

Saleemul Huq is Senior Fellow in Climate Change at the International Institute for Environment & Development – who has also been a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s last two assessment reports.

Proceedings of the Bangkok session
Earth Negotiations Bulletin – Bangkok Summary
Video coverage of Bangkok

Friends of the Earth International assessments
Climate Talks Regress: Rich Nations Appease the US (FoEI, 9 October 2009)
Developed Countries Try to Dodge Climate Obligations at UN Talks (FoEI, 5 October 2009)

Third World Network coverage
Developed countries plan their “Great Escape” from climate commitments (TWN, 10 October 2009)
Carbon offsets: flexible exception that becomes the rule? (TWN, 7 October 2009)
Disagreement over financial architecture for climate actions (TWN, 7 October 2009)
Developing countries oppose attempt to import Kyoto Flexible Mechanisms into BAP track (15 October 2009)
Developing concerned over proposals for new flexible mechanisms (TWN, 15 October 2009)

Other materials
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