#5: The Nuclear Question

August 3, 2005
by phil
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The government is committed to a 60% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. The Chief Scientist Sir David King has said that to avoid the worst effects of climate change that might have to be increased to 80%.

Power supply in the UK is being reduced as old nuclear power station reach the end of their lives; and from 2008 most coal power stations will be forced to shut down when the EU’s Large Combustion Plant directive takes effect.

The nuclear industry has promoted itself as the solution to these challenges. It says that a new generation of nuclear power stations is the best solution for the UK’s future energy needs.

We examine these claims and look at the alternatives. Does the case for nuclear stack up?

We talk to David Woodward, co-author of Oasis and Mirage, a critical report on nuclear which was published in June by the New Economics Foundation; and Jonathon Leake, Environment Editor of the Sunday Times about the PR offensive that the nuclear industry has launched to reposition itself as the answer to all our problems.

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