Copenhagen Daily # 1

December 8, 2009
by phil
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Voices from marchers on the Stop Climate Chaos “Wave” demonstration recorded by Arthur Girling. The first part of Phil England’s interview with Sarah-Jayne Clifton – author of Friends of the Earth’s “A Dangerous Distraction” report on why carbon-markets are a false solution to climate change. Here Sarah talks about the risk of a sub-prime carbon crash; the reality behind the EU’s climate financing proposals and possible “innovative” sources of climate financing. Tom Besley visits Bristol to explore Platform’s “C-Words” exhibition which blurs the boundaries of art and activism in the run up to Copenhagen. Here he interviews Platform’s co-director James Marriot about the exhibition and the issues it raises. Tom also speaks to Isa from the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination who have been designing bike sculptures as part of the exhibition which will be used as part of the “Reclaim Power” action in Copenhagen next week. The show ends with speakers from the Stop Climate Chaos “The Wave” demonstration in the UK challenging the UK Climate and Energy Secretary Ed Miliband’s approach to the Copenhagen talks.

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