Copenhagen Daily – Week 2 Digest

December 21, 2009
by phil
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Highlights from the second week of broadcasts selected and compiled by Ed Baxter.

About Copenhagen Daily. Climate Radio had a team of five people in Copenhagen: two inside the conference itself; two out on the streets reporting on the protests and covering the parallel People’s Summit or “Klimaforum”; and technical support from the award-winning comunity radio station ResonanceFM in London. The programmes have a running time of 60 minutes and were made by Phil England, Frederika Whitehead, Tom Besley, Arthur Girling and Ed Baxter. Read more about the team here. For other independent coverage try: What is COP15?, Democracy Now!, Climate Chronicle, Earthbeat Radio, YourClimateTV, Indymedia Climate Radio, New Internationalist, MCJ Newswire, ECO, Reel News, Climate Slamdown, Ecolabs and Indymedia Danmark.

Copenhagen Outcome: The rich world failed to come good on its obligations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Cimate Change which they signed up to in 1992. Instead President Barack Obama turned up to try and force everyone to sign up to a weak deal that was not worth the paper it was written on. The UNFCCC Secretariat and Ban-Ki Moon have been complicit in perpetuating the fiction that there was a deal when the conference merely agreed to note Obama’s “Copenhagen Accord” and to continue negotiating into next year. Another year passes and the world is still waiting for the rich world to put deep domestic cuts on the table (at least 45% by 2020 compared to 1990 and without offsets) as well as serious money to enable poor countries to adapt and develop in a low carbon way. Decisions adopted at COP15, Earth Negotiations Bulletin Summary (PDF).

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  1. Mark Godber

    Just wanted to say how brilliant the Copenhagen Daily broadcasts were – have been catching up on the shows I missed in December – they got better and better as the process went on, really reflecting the incredible range of world voices, experts and activists who came together in Copenhagen. It’s ironic that the most informed people are in general completely excluded from the COP process – in the future it might be interesting to hear, as a counter argument, more of the voices of corporate lobbyists & delegates who have a strong influence on the process. Although I imagine that they don’t like to talked to be any media… Thanks again and hope there can be many more Climate Radio shows in the future.

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