#9: Liberal Democrats

September 17, 2008
by phil
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300-350_9_thumbnail_veuy1The Liberal Democrats climate change policies are regarded by environmental campaign groups as the most progressive of the major parties in the UK. These include

  • energy independence and a zero-carbon Britain by 2050
  • an efficiency standard for new power stations that would rule out unabatted coal
  • no nuclear power
  • no replacement for our Trident nuclear arsenal
  • green taxes
  • investment in public transport including a high speed rail network and complete electrification of the network
  • virtually no airport expansion

The Lib Dems have also been actively working to strengthen the UK’s Climate Change Bill. But has the profile of their green policies taken a back seat as the economy takes a downward turn? We travel to Bournemouth to their party conference to interview the party’s shadow secretaries for the environment – Steve Webb MP – and transport – Norman Baker MP.

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