The Bolivian Climate Revolution

April 29, 2010
by phil
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Arthur Girling has been in Bolivia for Climate Radio and his report for ResonanceFM,  is now available.

“When Bolivian President Evo Morales announced the summit two weeks after the UN meeting in Copenhagen, it could have been easily dismissed as an attention-grabbing stunt. Bolivia was one of the most vocal opponents of the ‘Copenhagen Accord’, the non-binding document that emerged on the last day of talks in 2009.

“But Morales got the timing right. After the cynicism and recriminations of the failed summit, civil society, climate campaigners and governments see hope in his positive message of rights and justice.

“Arthur Girling travelled to Cochabamba to learn about new political proposals from some of the world’s poorest countries. 48 minutes of political debate, music and talk of revolution from ‘the city of eternal spring’.”

Update: As of 11 May 2010 a new version of this programme has been uploaded, with some additional clean-up and post-production work by Arthur.


Conference Main Site:
Conference Live Webcast Site:
Democracy Now! Daily Broadcasts from Cochabamba: coverage:


  1. Aneaka

    Nice one Arthur.

    What happened with the 18th group in the end? Did Morales etc… recognise what they were doing in the conference? How did he respond?

    Also really like the point at the end about people having different ideas about what is the cause of climate change being ok. We dont need to reduce it to – THIS etc – is the cause, but be in conversation (maybe??) and find resonance bewteen different ideas.

    Though a part of me feels like its too much talk and academic stuff again and feel like were buggered anyway… (might not be useful to say, but is how I feel…)

    Anyway, thanks for that Arthur, maybe Ill try to make it next year :)

  2. Arthur

    The 18th group were never acknowledged by Morales or the main conference as far as I know. They did put out a final declaration though, which called for all multinational mining companies to be thrown out of Bolivia, along with any organisations or media outlets which support them.

    Glad you enjoyed it, perhaps see you in Mexico!

  3. Phil England

    Arthur, Do you have a link for working group 18’s final declaration?

  4. Lewis

    Nice work Arthur. Enjoyed listening

  5. Arthur

    Here is group 18’s final declaration – I can only find it in Spanish I’m afraid – does anyone else have a better link?

    Interestingly, the only acknowledgement of Mesa 18 from the Bolivian government was from Vicepresident Linera, who called it an ‘orgy of NGOs’.

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