#6: UN Nairobi Talks – Half-time Report

November 14, 2006
by phil
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Halfway through the UN climate talks in Nairobi we offer you an assessment of where things are at by presenting what the alliance of environmental charities and the UN Secretariat have been saying in their press conferences over the last few days.

The two main spokespeople you will hear are:

Steve Sawyer who works for Greenpeace in the United States and is also the main spokesman for the Climate Action Network International – the umbrella group for the hundreds of non-government organisations who are trying to positively influence the talks.

Yvo de Boer, head of the U.N. Climate Change Secretariat

  • Will the Review of the Protocol be completed in time for it to take effect in 2012?
  • What role should developing countries be playing in future commitment periods?
  • Are the EU playing a leadership role and commiting to 30% CO2 cuts by 2020?
  • Have the countries with commitments under the Kyoto Protocol made “demonstrable progress” in meeting their targets?
  • With the Democrats now in control of Congress, when will the US start to re-engage?

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