#7: UN Full Time Report

November 21, 2006
by phil
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We assess the outcomes of the talks and illustrate it with audio from the talks and press conferences in Nairobi:

  • If we haven’t seen anything like the degree of urgency this situation demands then what can explain the frustrating lack of progress?
  • Is the EU holding out for a global deal that includes developing countries in order to get the US back on board (as indicated in its 2005 position paper), rather than leading by example by with a commitment to 30% cuts by 2020?
  • What is the potential for movement in the US position now that there is a new balance of power in Congress?
  • Can the democrats get some of the ‘cap and trade’ legislation through that is on the table and start engaging constructively in the international process?
  • Did the talks make significant progress in helping the poorest and most vulnerable countries adapt to the effects of climate change or make significant progress in meeting the commitment to transfer clean energy technologies to developing countries?

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