Ways to Two Degrees

September 30, 2007
by phil
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ways-to-two-degreesA 60-minute edit of the historic panel discussion held at the 2007 Camp for Climate Action featuring:

  • George Monbiot – Guardian columnist and author of “Heat: How to stop the planet Burning” (Penguin)
  • Richard Hawkins – co-author of “Zero Carbon Britain” (Centre for Alternative Technology) and
  • Sophie and Olly from the Climate Camp

Both George Monbiot and the Centre for Alternative Technology have worked out what the UK needs to do in order to play its part in the global challenge of avoiding dangerous climate change. New scientific findings are telling us we need to act faster than we previously thought and move rapidly to a world without fossil fuels by reducing our energy usage and powering our remaining energy use from renewable sources.

– How can we galvanise the political will to make it happen?
– How will these changes affect the way we live?
– Can we, in fact, live better with less?

Recording by Indymedia.
Programme produced by Phil England.


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