#43 Civil Disobedience for Climate Justice

November 23, 2009
by phil
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On 16th December thousands of activists will attempt to take over the United Nations climate summit in Copenhagen for a day and set the agenda. In contrast to many of the false solutions in play at the talks, protestors will advance a common sense agenda based on the principles of Climate Justice. We speak to Chris Kitchen who has been helping to organise the mass mobilisations with the Climate Justice Action coalition about the week of actions that has been planned. We also speak to Camp for Climate Action legal advisor Frances Wright about the legal context for the protests. CJA’s common platform includes:

  • leaving fossil fuels in the ground
  • socialising and decentralising energy
  • relocalising our food production
  • recognising and repaying ecological and climate debt
  • respecting indigenous peoples’ rights
  • regenerating our eco-systems

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