Climate Solutions: A Revolution in Democracy

July 4, 2015
by phil
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Do we need to reform our democracy in order to get serious action on climate change? Is it time to fight for radical reform of our democracy so that it serves people and planet rather than the narrow interests of powerful groups such as the fossil fuel corporations? We look at the fledgling Occupy Democracy movement, the newly emerging campaigns for a 21st Century Great Democratic Reform Act and a citizen-led constitutional convention which could kick the corporate influence out of our government so that it starts to work in the public interest once again. Featuring:


  • George Barda, John Sinha, Aisha Dodwell and Julie Timbrell of Occupy Democracy
  • Donnachadh McCarthy, former Liberal Democrat vice chair and author of The Prostitute State
  • Alexandra Runswick, director of Unlock Democracy
  • Dr Alan Renwick, associate professor at Reading University and author of A Citizen’s Guide to Electoral Reform

Notes and references: to follow shortly.


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