Copenhagen Daily #4

December 11, 2009
by phil
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In today’s show we have an interview with Kassie Siegel from the Center for Biological Diversity on why President Obama doesn’t need to wait for Congress to bring scienced-based targets to the table when he comes to Copenhagen at the end of next week. We’ve an interview with Professor Tim Jackson on why Copenhagen needs to restsructure our economy if it is to be truly successful in combating climate change. Frederika Whitehead takes a trip to the parallel People’s summit that’s happening here in Copenhagen and picks up some testimony. We give the Carbon Town Cryer‘s heart-melting Copenhagen song “The Overflowing” its first airing. But to start things off, on the day that President Obama picked up his Nobel Peace Prize we have a reading of the letter sent by African civil society organisation Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance to President Obama, pleading with him to fulfil the promise of his inauguration speech and to not betray his brothers and sisters in Africa when he comes to Copenhagen.

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