Reclaim The Power 2

August 25, 2013
by phil
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Second of three programmes produced during the Reclaim the Power camp in support of the Balcombe blockade against fracking. Contents:

  • Balcombe villagers speak out – we’re fighting not just for this village but for the whole of the country; fracking will not bring down energy bills; sometimes we feel we’re better informed than government ministers; what Cuadrilla will be doing during the test drill; what will happen with the waste water; the US experience; why we support the blockaders; fracking and local democracy; are recent water discolouration incidents in Balcombe connected with fracking?; we’ve exhausted all democractic means – all we have left is direct action; find out what’s happening in your area
  • Freddy finds out what the kids at RTP think
  • Jamie Kelsey-Fry from the media team on how RTP, fracking and the dash for gas is joining the dots between different issues
  • Reclaim the Power camp second plenary – update from the action fairies; international solidarity message from Ghana; Tina from RAFF on network of anti-fracking campaigns and cross-country solidarity; anti-fracking campaigns in Algeria and the importance of global solidarity; the impacts of high gas prices on fuel poverty; why pensioners support the campaign against fracking and the dash for gas;¬†and scientist Simon Lewis on climate change

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