#18: UN Climate Talks – Poznan

December 18, 2008
by phil
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poznan-assessment_isdht1The UN Climate Talks are at crisis point. Nothing on the table matches the scale of the challenge and corporate interests are rife. As the talks in Poznan come to an end, we take stock with three key protaganists: Kevin Smith (CarbonTradeWatch), Oliver Tickell (Kyoto2) and Tom Athanasiou (Greenhouse Development Rights).

Developments include:

  • UNFCCC tenders a report on alternative frameworks
  • 350 ppm CO2 target endorsed by Al Gore, AOSIS & the LDC country blocks
  • Potsdam Institute shows how we can achieve the 350 ppm target
  • Climate Justice Now! coalition grows in size from 20 to 160 organisations
  • Carbon trading advances despite a crisis of credibility
  • 142 organisations sign a statement against the World Bank’s involvement with climate funds
  • The China+G77 block support climate funds being managed by UN
  • Rich nations still failing to fulfill their commitments 16 years on
  • Plans develop for a mass mobilisation in Copenhagen December 2009
  • Could extending the scope of the Montreal Protocol and controling black soot be two effective ways forward outside the UNFCCC process?

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