#22: Climate Code Red

July 10, 2008
by phil
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2ds_22_thumbnail_h1rqx1In part two of our recap on the recent science, we discuss the work of Dr James Hansen and his team and its profound implications.

Key findings

  • The most eminent US scientist and head of Nasa, Dr James Hansen, has said that we have passed the tipping point for Arctic and Greenland ice loss. This has dramatic implications for the possible accelaration of the rate of climate change
  • He says we now need to stabilise levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere below 350 parts per million (ppm) – lower than they are today (ca. 387 ppm)
  • He says to have any chance of doing this, the first thing we need is a moratorium on new coal fired plants that do not have carbon capture and storage

We discuss all this with Dr Stuart Parkinson, Executive Director of Scientists for Global Responsibility, who was a reviewer on the IPCC’s 2001 Report; and with Richard Hawkins of the Public Interest Research Centre, who is preparing a UK edition of Climate Equity’s Climate Code Red report for publication.

We consider whether our programme needs to change its name from The Two Degrees Show to The 350 Show in the light of the latest scientific findings…

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