#24: Climate Debt

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Any just approach to climate change must ensure that those who have benefited in the course of causing climate change compensate the victims of climate change – Third World Network, 2009

What do we need to do to escape the current deadlock at the UN climate talks? Rich countries need to start acknowledging their historical responsibility for climate change and their capacity to pay for adaptation and mitigation measures in poor countries. They need to start bringing targets to the table that are adequate from the point of view of both science and fairness. As the call for rich countries to repay their climate debt grows louder, we speak to Matthew Stilwell, author of Climate Debt: A Primer, for a sharp analysis of what’s needed to seal a fair climate deal.

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Version with signees as at 4 June
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European Financing for Adaptation decision postponed (9 June, 2009)
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Air travel levy could fund climate fight (Guardian, 8 June 2009)
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Evo Morales 20 point plan for addressing climate change (November 2008)

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