I want to congratulate you and your team. Radio Ecoshock (now on 20 stations in North America) is running a digest culled from your excellent Copenhagen radio reports. This is a living  example of what radio can do, in the most chaotic and important circumstances. I don’t know what awards are out there, but this series deserves to win something. Alex Smith, host and producer, Radio Ecoshock, Vancouver

The Transition Network has had a long standing relationship with Climate Radio who covered our first ever conference in 2007. Since then, Climate Radio has kept pace with the fast changing scientific and political scene and I’ve found their broadcasts extremely useful. Most recently in Copenhagen, they ran a very comprehensive set of daily interviews that ensured crucial content wasn’t confined to the Bella Centre. A particular highlight for me was their interview with Professor John Schellnhuber of the Potsdam institute giving a crucial assessment of how the negotiations were at least four years behind the accelerating impacts of climate change. A really valuable service, professionally done. Ben Brangwyn, co-founder, Transition Network

Just wanted to say how brilliant the Copenhagen Daily broadcasts were – they got better and better as the process went on, really reflecting the incredible range of world voices, experts and activists who came together in Copenhagen. Thanks again and hope there can be many more Climate Radio shows in the future. Mark Godber, Artists’ Producer, Artsadmin

Just wanted to say a big word of thanks for the material you have been sending out.  It was just great for me to feel that I was somehow “at” Copenhagen – inasmuch as I wasn’t just relying on the mainstream media as a result of your efforts.  I used some of your material for the programme I have been making here. That made for a far more comprehensive programme, and one that was far more relevant to the moment, than anything I could ever have produced on my own. The programme is now being re-broadcast on 7 community stations around the west of Ireland and one in Dublin. Mary Phelan, Sound Woman Productions, Galway

Thank you for making your excellent work available in Audioport. In appreciation for your hard work in providing regularly syndicated community radio content, we want to promote it to enable newly affiliating stations to find your work more easily. Ursula Ruedenberg, Affiliates Coordinator, Pacifica Network, Berkley, CA

We have been broadcasting “The 300-350 Show” since May of 2009. In general we turn down all offers of non-locally produced shows and when the 300-350 Show was offered there was a healthy debate as to whether we should take it. There were two main reasons why the answer was “yes”. First, the excellent quality of content and production – across the series there was a real depth of coverage and many expert opinions included. Second, the ease of use – we knew that the programme would be there on time, would be good quality, would always be the right length and was easy to collect and input into our systems. The 300-350 Show remains the only outside produced show we have aired as part of our regular weekly schedule. Roger Thorne, Programme Controller, Forest of Dean Community Radio

Just wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated broadcasting the 300-350 show as well as your previous series. The show has inspired other programme makers at Soundart Radio to bracnch out into making engaged and informative speech radio programmes. The programme is also a good model of how a radio series can have a clear agenda without causing offence or breeching guidelines. Personally I have learnt a lot from listening to the climate radio shows, about climate change and the political problems associated with it, but also about what community radio should be. As more and more people acknowledge that climate change is the most vital issue of our times, we hope the Climate Radio project is able to continue and eagerly anticipate playing more of your shows in the future. Lucinda Guy, Soundart Radio, Devon

A very thorough set of programmes featuring interviews with some of the best-informed and authoritative voices on climate change. George Marshall, Founder and Director of Projects, Climate Outreach and Information (COIN)

I’ve been a fan for ages. Leo Murray, Campaign Strategist for 10:10

Climate Radio adds significant value to our online presence and new programmes form a key feature of our weekly email bulletin which is distributed to 22,000 international subscribers every week. Richard Coles, Publishing Director, The Ecologist

I wish you continued good luck with the show. All good wishes. George Monbiot, award-winning journalist and author

Just listened – all great stuff. I just gave it pride of place on the Kyoto2 homepage. This is the first opportunity people have had to listen to me rather than just read what I have written, and that’s really brilliant for all those who cannot make it to meetings etc. Thanks again, Oliver. Oliver Tickell, architect of the Kyoto2 Framework

Really good to have consistent audio reporting on climate issues coming through whether I like the news or not! Zoe Young, freelance researcher, filmmaker and author of “A New Green Order? The World Bank and the Politics of the Global Environment Facility” (Pluto, London, 2002).

May I say a warm thank-you for these briefings? I appreciate the good information, good judgement, brevity and above all the good sense of what really matters. Thanks! Roger Levett of Levett-Therivel Sustainability Consultants, author of “Leading the way: how local authorities can meet the challenge of climate change” for the Local Government Association

I have appreciated your updates – it’s the best summary of important current affairs that are of interest to me. You alerted me to Jim Hansen and Tim Helweg-Larsen in Parliament, which I watched live. Many thanks, good luck and I hope Climate Radio will be back in 2009. Mukti Mitchell, creator of Resurgence magazine’s Carbon Calculator (widely considered to be the best), author of “The Guide to Low Carbon Lifestyles” and circumnavigator of Britain in his low-carbon yacht

Climate Radio keeps us up to date on the latest in a complex and fast moving field of climate science, policy, and activism. Thanks so much for all the work you do bringing us the news! Jody Boehnert, co-founder Transition Towns Brixton, director of Eco-Labs and PhD candidate researching ecological literacy

The show is getting better and better. Mark Brown, founder, Art Not Oil and Rising Tide London

Brilliant Show! Dave Morris, defendant in the historic “McLibel Two” High Court battle

I patiently download and listen to all your excellent shows. They are unmissable and I could not be happier. Well-earned congratulations. Paul Dickinson, Director, Carbon Disclosure Project

The show is great – thanks so much!! Gemma Lloyd, Arts and Ecology Programme, Royal Society of Arts

Is it OK to put a link to Climate Radio on the Low Carbon Communities Network website please? Tracey Todhunter, Founder, Low Carbon Communities Network

We will be broadcasting the whole series over the next 10 weeks on Thursdays with repeats on Sundays. I think they’re brilliant! Liz Hardwick, Station Manager/Technician, PRESCAP Community Radio Project

I just listened to your interview with Richard Hawkins re the new science/targets and the UK version of Climate Code Red. Thanks. Keep up the good work! Philip Sutton, Co-author of “Climate Code Red”

Yippee! I’m soooo glad you are back on the waves and will gladly forward your mails! My ears are yours. Marliese Franklin, Food Show Host and Producer, KBOO community radio, Portland Oregon

Nice one Phil! Happy to help in anyway I can as always! Ed Gillespie, Creative Director and Co-Founder, Futerra Sustainability Communications

Congrats on a really good series – All FM has been happy to include them in its schedule. David Armes, All FM, Manchester

I’ve been checking out podcasts of several of the shows, all very interesting and illuminating, keep up the good work. Nick Cain, Publications Manager, South Bank Centre

This is great. James Marriott, Director, Platform

Just received your CD of climate programmes and wanted to say a big thank you. They will work into our schedule very well and we will begin broadcasting them shortly. They are a great resource and we will always be happy to be kept informed about anything similar in the future. Thanks again. Duncan Moore, Diversity FM, Lancaster

We have broadcast every programme you have produced for us many of them twice. We intend to repeat the whole series again and change to another day at the end of the series. When we go live on FM we also intend to repeat them all continuously again. Our feedback has been positive as we focus on this subject on our website and our website hits have increased by 50% since the series began. We liked the last few programmes which included some musical interludes as we did put some associated music with the earlier ones ie “What a Wonderful World” etc. An excellent series on a subject matter which more people are becoming more conscious about and we thank you for your good work! Good luck with the rest of the series and best wishes. Robert Wildeman, Drystone Radio, North Yorkshire

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