Copenhagen Daily #11

December 19, 2009
by phil
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As rich nations try to pressurise poor and vulnerable countries into accepting a bad deal rather than no deal at all, Phil and Frederika stay up all night and track the end game of the talks as they play out in the wee hours. Along the way you’ll hear from New Internationalist co-editor, Jess Worth; Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace International Executive Director; UK Foreign Secretary, David Miliband; Ambassador Lumumba Di-Aping, Chair of the G77+China; and Deepak Rughani of Biofuelwatch and Climate Justice Now!. We also speak to one of the estimated nine people on the planet who genuinely understand the rich country-loophole known as LULUCF – Chris Henschel of Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society and Chair of the Climate Action Network’s working group on LULUCF. Thanks to Dutch reporter Ruben Koops for the use of his Miliband quote. Stop press: Contrary to what you may have heard, read or watched to the contrary, the UN climate summit has neither adopted the “Copenhagen Accords” nor struck an historic deal on climate change. The meeting has agreed to take note of the “Copenhagen Accords” and countries can add their names as supporters to the document. UN climate talks will continue to discuss this proposal along with other approaches. As of now there is no global deal on climate change.

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