DFP#1: Disinvesting from BP

July 16, 2010
by phil
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“Today Deep Fried Planet premieres on Resonance FM. Presented by long time environmental activists Ben Stewart and Joss Garman, this is the first in a weekly series of discussions about current environmental affairs.

“Stewart and Garman discuss the BP oil spill – “America’s worst environmental disaster in history” with Joseph Romm and Duncan Exley. Romm is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for American Progress, Assistant Secretary of state for Energy in the Clinton Administration and once described by Time magazine as the web’s most influential climate blogger. Exley is Director of FairPensions, an organization that lobbies to promote ethical pensions investment in the UK.

“As BP’s share price tumbles, should your pension fund be disinvesting in fossil fuels altogether as they increasingly turn into potential liabilities? How will the BP spill effects Obama’s attempts at clean energy reform, and how might it impact the power of the Republican Tea Party movement?”

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