Climate9 – verdict just in…

June 25, 2010
by phil
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In a statement just released, the Climate9 say:

The law has found us guilty of breach of the peace, but in the court of international opinion we’ve received overwhelming support. This support is further legitimised by the scientific evidence which has been brought to light by the evidence given by expert witnesses in the court.

This is the first time in Scotland, and the first time anywhere since the failure of Copenhagen that evidence of the dangers of climate change and aviation emissions have been presented by climate experts to a jury.

This week we’ve heard Dr Alice Bows and Dr Geoff Meaden warn that the UK governments emissions targets are not radical enough to prevent future generations from experiencing catastrophic events like the flooding in Brazil this week where 100, 000 people have been made homeless, 1,000 people are missing, and at least 42 people have sadly lost their lives.

These horrific events are why we must continue to take action to stop greenhouse gas emissions, especially when the response from the government is woefully inadequate.

While they talk, and nothing changes, people all over the world are starting to act. Even when it means standing up against the states use of legal intimidation. This verdict shows that the mechanisms of the establishment won’t stop runaway climate change. The expert witnesses have shown that we must take effective action, the protest at Aberdeen has shown that we can.

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