Omar Robert Hamilton – Egyptian artist

May 5, 2012
by phil
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This is the second in a series of extra materials relating to our alternative audio tour for the Tate Modern exposing the impacts of BP’s day-to-day business. Due to time constraints, this interview didn’t make the final edit of our Drilling the Dirt (A Temporary Difficulty) audio tour. In it, Omar Robert Hamilton sits in the cafe outside the Tate Modern and speaks about Egypt under Mubarak, artistic repression in the country and why he thinks the Tate is wrong to take money from BP. Omar Robert Hamilton is an English-Egyptian film-maker and producer of the annualĀ Palestine Festival of Literature.

A transcript of this interview can be found in the publication Not if but when: Culture beyond Oil (see below) – which is an excellent resource on the issues behind the campaign against oil company sponsorship of the arts.

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