Kyoto2 – Special Supplement

November 24, 2008
by phil
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300-350_15_thumbnail_fxfta1In a special supplement to our usual weekly programme we give you an opportunity to hear another 40 minutes of our interview with Kyoto2 architect, Oliver Tickell.

We look at the Kyoto2 scheme in more detail and explore:

  • What its effect on coal use would be
  • Whether the scheme could work alongside national carbon rationing schemes (eg TEQs)
  • Whether the scheme could emerge out of a combination of a reformed EU Emissions Trading Scheme and Barack Obama’s Cap and Trade System
  • Whether it would create a market in carbon and if so how would that work
  • What its effect on the economy would be
  • How it would be policed

“Kyoto2 – How to Manage the Global Greenhouse”

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