#11: No Way Back?

December 19, 2006
by phil
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The first of two programmes featuring interviews with speakers featured at the RSA “No Way Back?” conference on arts and ecology.

We had the good fortune to speak to:

Professor John Schellnhuber – chief advisor to the German government on climate change

  • What does he regard as a responsible level of global mean temperature rise?
  • What level of greenhouse concentration in the atmosphere does he suggest we aim to stabilise at?
  • If 550ppmv is dangerous and likely to lead to amplifying feedbacks, why is the UK government keeping this outdated target?
  • What will be the chief messages he will be giving to the German government over the coming critical year?

Ed Gillespie, Creative Director, Futerra Sustainability Communications

  • What is the current public understanding of climate change?
  • How do we communicate for behaviour change?
  • Around the World in 80 Ways – Ed’s globe trotting project which explores the joys of travelling without flying

and James Mariott – co-founder, Platform

  • London as an oil city
  • Dismantling the network of institutions that comprise the Carbon Web
  • “And While London Burns” – Platform’s new operatic soundwalk around the fossil fuel institutions of the City of London

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