#8: Camp for Climate Action

November 28, 2006
by phil
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The Two Degress Show takes a flashback to August and the Camp for Climate Action which initiated high-profile direct action against Drax – the UK’s biggest single point source emitter of carbon dioxide and Europe’s biggest coal-fired power station. The Camp also involved over 150 workshops covering everything from peak oil to permaculture.

The programme features three interviews with people who played a lead role in establishing the camp as low-impact event in terms of energy (virtually all power supplied by renewable sources), food (vegan, locally-sourced), sewage (waste returned to local farmers as a fertilising resource) and waste water (made safe for returning to the land using a grey water system).

Camp for Climate Action
Vegan Society
“Hard to Swallow” by Jonathan Poiritt
The Oil We Eat

The Movement for Compassionate Living

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